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Howdy Beekeepers!!!   I hope everyone is seeing lots of happy honey bees.  My hives that wintered over are doing well( I lost a few). My girls are bringing in lots of pollen.  I set up feeding this week.  I videoed it and posted it...
 I opened a hive today and found my queen was dead. She never made it out of her little box. The fondant was mostly gone, but she was curled up inside. She was one of those new queens(corellian?) from Sunrise. This happen to anyone else? I have...
The bad ripple effects radiating out from CA is astounding...  
Be very thankful if you find bees this year!  The following is NOT good news coming out of the almond fields... ...   Would you like to see who's bees are near you? This site has global tracking and much more. There is a free version that allows you to keep track of all of your hives including inspections treatments visits etc. and a pro...
I moved to Montana 15 months go,  here in great falls....I have a wintered over a KTBH....I'm pleased to say....I plan to build more KTBHs and help others to so the same..if you have any questions please contact me.....   howard 971-645-0655
when is the next club meeting? I was out of town for the annual meeting and I guess I need to pay this year's dues. Also, I have lost my bees in both of my hives. I have ordered new ones from Polson. since I am new at this, do I just leave the frames...
Is someone from the club picking up NUCs from Sunrise Honey next month? I would be willing to help with expenses for the trip if you'll pick up my NUC.
The Horrible anticipation of that first spring? hive check. just like Last year a 50% Survival rate. It looks like the big hive that i would have never guessed would not make it died. Starved it looks like They did eat all the sugar i had put on the...
Howdy all,  Marcia Hart ask me to post this about a Western Bee Starter kit she has for sale.    >> I may have contacted you previously about a new and assembled (never been used) bee hive kit  we have for sale.  It is...
Howdy Ya'll!!   I've gotten word that Sunrise Honey is once again taking orders for 5 frames Nucs!  Dale says he's got about 100 nucs available and they are going fast.   So order now!!        Dale...(509)...
Twice in the last week I have noticed 10-12 dead bees a fair distance from the hive, not at the entrance. Has anyone else experienced this? They should have plenty of food. Fed 5 lbs. sugar in November and took no honey from the hive this year.
Western Bee has started taking orders for 2014 3lb bee packages.  Rick told me the cost will be @$100, give or take $5.  Guess they haven't settled on contract price yet.  Package day will be in early May.  Call 406-883-2918 to...
Check out, there's a Beekeeper, in suit, in a Superbowl commercial.   Problem is the Dill weed has his hood on Backwards!!!!!  Really??  Is it that hard to figure out??? Boycott CarmaxxBuy local . . . . . Don John
Don John Linton will be giving a talk on Beginning Beekeeping in Bear Country this Wednesday at the Montana Natural History Center,   @7pm This will be a 1 hour primer talk on starting beekeeping...
I was doing some research on this, and thought some of you here might also be interested in this.  Check out the Permies page from Paul Wheaton (now located about an hour outside of Missoula on their permaculture homesteading property) to get ...
Just wondering how your hives are doing this winter, checked mine and had 3 hives die. The bees were scattered in the hive body with at least 40lbs of honey in each one. Going to send some bees out to see what killed them. Hope yours are doing better...
I got an email from Dale Shurger the other day.  2014 nucs are priced at $110 for 5 frames of brood, adhering bees and a caged carnie or carni-Italian cross queen.  Extra queens can be obtained with them for $30 each.   The pickup...
Hi, I just thought this was an interesting little video from Dadant.  The mention of Western Bee, being Dadant's producer of wooden ware. ThanksSean 
It's supposed to get down to -5 on Wed, so I finished up winterizing my two hive this afternoon. I have 1/4" styrofoam house insulation loosely wrapped around each hive and then a covering of roofing felt. Seems to work OK. enjoy the holidays.
If I understand Don Correctly I volunteered my house for the meeting @ 1:00p.m. We will be doing solar wax melters. Directions to my house are relatively simple the address is 2415 South Hills Dr. right off of Gharrett on the right side blue multi...
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